Public Records Search Products Review

As you may have already noticed, there are dozens of websites dedicated to public records searches. It can be a bit overwhelming when trying to sort through them all. For example, what is the difference between a Reverse Phone Lookup and a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup? This site is dedicated to first, providing you with some educational information as to what Public Records Searching is all about. Second, we provide in-depth reviews of the various top providers in the industry. Lastly, we rank the top three best services in each category based on cost, ease of use, database size and guarantee.

We have organized our reviews into product categories. To the left is a categorical list of Public Record Sites. Simply click on the type of search you are interested in and you will be taken directly to our top-rated sites for that specific category. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to provide all the answers you are looking for!

So what is Public Records Searching all about?

It sure does sound like an oxymoron... why would someone pay for access to Public Records? I mean, if they are " publicly available", what is the point? Well, there is a very big difference between publicly available and easily accessible! Have you ever tried getting solid tax information from the I.R.S. or attempted to locate the arrest record of someone you know is incarcerated? How about trying to find the owner of a cell phone number? All of this is a matter of "public record" but finding it is a whole different ball game!

Where is the data stored?

Public record search services provide interfaces into literally hundreds of different public databases so that you can get all the information you need on one, easy to use web site. The best search sites have access to billions of records! So when you search for background information on someone, you are literally searching public records databases from accross the entire country. For example, a simple reverse phone record search may be accessing Public Phone Records, Cell Phone Registries, Public Address Information and more. More complex background checks could be accessing 20 different databases in totally different states to provide you with a complete report. And all this happens in less than a minute!

How do we determine which sites are the best?

We spend weeks testing the sites that end up being ranked in our top 3 for each category. Luckily for us, most of the sites provide us with free access in hopes that consumers will choose their product if we review them. Of course not everyone makes the cut. The public records search arena has become very big business and with that come a lot of scams. For example, in our research we have found many different sites that offer "free" reverse phone lookup services. You enter a phone number and press "search". You are taken to a results page where they report to have found detailed information on the owner of that number. But of course, now you have to pay for the results. It is bad enough that they mis-represented that the service is free, but then in many cases, the information they provide is no better than what can be found in a regular phone book.

We have done the research and testing so you can avoid getting scammed! We are in the consumer protection business so let us spend the hours and days sifting through the good and the bad for you. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us at