Background Check Your Politicians!

I have been working with online background check products for a long time now. I evaluate them for the purpose of identifying top products for the consumer review site I also have great interest in the welfare of our country and have long been concerned with the status of our increasingly corrupt political environment. I have often wished that there were a way to demand greater accountability from our "leaders".

As part of my testing of public record search products, I conduct random people searches to make sure that the product is able to access the amount of data it purports to access. I was testing a popular online background check tool when I got the bright idea to try and run a background check on President Obama. I mean, his information is a matter of public record the same as anyone but I guess I assumed it would be somehow hidden or protected. Wasn't I surprised when up popped his recent address history, his home telephone number (unlisted in normal phone books) for his Chicago area home, a listing of his neighbors, what he paid for his residence, etc. etc.

I got very excited! I had never dreamed that these products could be put to such good use! So I started running background checks on other politicians like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, my local governor, mayor and others. In each case I was able to uncover an amazing amount of information. These reports are very thorough! They are able to uncover criminal records, sex offender records, marriage records, divorce records, address history, unlisted phone numbers, relatives and more. Just think what you could accomplish with some of that information!

Most of our leaders are able to maintain a certain level of anonymity. That is wrong in my book! If they want to be a public servant, then the public should have access to them! I am so tired of all the criminals that hold public offices. Now I don't mean to say that they are all crooks but the trend of corruption is disturbing!

The internet provides real power to the people! We can make sure that those we are voting for, or against for that matter, are being completely truthful about themselves. We can use the power of the internet to find out everything we need to about our potential or current leaders without having to rely solely on what their "image consultants" tell us through supposedly neutral network news channels!

All you need to get started is a name and you can uncover a wealth of information! The links on the left of this page provide consumer reviews of the top rated public record search products based on hours of evaluation and testing. We highly recommend any of them!

Also, if you want to run a background check on one of your policiticans and need some assistance in doing so, simply email any questions you have to and we will be happy to assist you! For more public record search articles, click here.