How To Protect Your Children From Online Predators

There is a very frightening trend going on that many parents are not aware of. Most people realize that internet predators exist, they just don't understand how many there are and how organized they have become. The fact is that there are pedophiles and sex offenders all over the internet. Many of these perverted individuals are very proud of their actions and thoughts. In fact, there are groups of these offenders trying to change laws in order to be able to indulge their sexual desires. Most of them are convicted criminals and travel in circles with other convicted criminals – doing what? They are looking for vulnerable children online. This is a terrifying thought, isn't it? As parents, we need to be very proactive in keeping our children safe. Here are some important tips to keep kids safe online.

  1. Never allow your children to post pictures of themselves online and when posting pictures of your children on social network sites, make sure you have complete control over who can view your photos. Predators have been known to take pictures from online albums and post them on pedophile websites.
  2. Pay very close attention to the people that your children communicate with online. Many pedophiles and sex offenders try to lure children into conversations. According to many experts, pedophiles will speak to a child or adolescent for weeks or months before trying to set up a meeting with them.
  3. Should you find that a suspicious person is e-mailing, chatting or instant messaging your teenager or child, you should find out who it is. There are some very easy ways to do this.

The first thing you should do to discover the identity of someone in contact with your child online is to visit one of the public record search websites that allow you to perform instant background checks on someone. Some of these sites even allow you to uncover information on someone using just their e-mail address. You can find out if that person has ever been convicted of any sort of crime. You will also find out their name, address and phone number along with local and nationwide arrest and conviction information. You will know without a doubt if the person your child is in contact with is safe. Obviously, if it is an adult, you should be nervous. There is no reason for an adult to chat, message or e-mail a child that they have met online.

Should you find that the person you are searching has been convicted of a crime, especially a sex offender crime, you should report them to your local police as well as the FBI immediately. Even if convicted, a large percentage of sex offenders will continue to seek out victims online. Reporting these people to the proper authorities is imperative. They are violating the law just by talking to your child. Check them out. Find out who they really are. Make sure your child is safe! As parents, we cannot be too careful if we want to keep our children safe from harm.